The future of data privacy in location intelligence

Country of origin: Israel

Founding date: 2018

Management team: CEO - Dan Gildoni (Co-Founder), CBDO - Avi Hadas (Co-Founder), CTO - Ofer Cohen (Co-Founder)

Funding round: Seed

Employees: 5

The future of data privacy in location intelligence

Placense provides businesses relying on foot traffic (Retail, Real Estate, Energy, Media and more) real-time consumer location data and behavioural insights. Their cloud-based data analytics solution provides real-time metrics about the group of people in a certain location, such as customer visits, visit durations, visit frequencies, customer journey paths, composition of gender/ ages/ income levels/ modes of transport, and other related demographic characteristics.

Recognising that the world is entering the era of privacy, and the critical, almost make-or-break nature of this aspect in Europe, Placense took it upon themselves to not only comply with GDPR but be innovative trendsetters in this field to stand out from the crowd. That is why Placense developed proprietary mathematical algorithms to make sure any data they handle or share is totally private.

The innogy Innovation Hub identified strengths in Placense’s ability to help businesses better understand their current and potential customers, as well as be synergetic to other innogy assets like smart light poles and determining locations of electric vehicle charging facilities.

Placense was chosen among top 25 European PropTech companies providing with the real estate industry with unprecedented information.

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