Cyber Security

How can advanced cyber sec technologies underpin the energy system of the future?

Actively driving cyber security tech is key for building up the digital energy system of the future

We are envisioning a decentralized, democratized, and digitized future for energy – and this effects all areas from generation, grid to retail. The rapidly increasing proliferation of interconnected devices, IoT and cloud computing means that cyber-security threat-enablers are also on the rise. The more devices and services that exist, the more our vulnerabilities increase as well. As Israel is well known as the start-up nation and is at the forefront of cyber technology development, we built an ecosystem on site and spoke to Boaz Kantor from our team in Tel Aviv, Israel. Together with him we look into the critical topic of ‘Cyber Security’ and how we want to harness technology to protect people, computers, networks, and critical energy and other systems against cyberattacks.

Cyber-security threats are on the rise – due to the rapidly increasing proliferation of the IoT and cloud computing. The more interconnected devices and services exist, the higher are our vulnerabilities. That's why a future energy system has to be underpinned by advanced cyber sec technologies, too, says Christof Kortz, Head of Strategic Cyber Security Ventures at the innogy Innovation Hub, in our interview.

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