Digital Disruption

Will Artificial Intelligence make energy utilities redundant?

Whether it's retail, generation or the grid – AI will transform the future of energy

The world around us is changing faster than ever and as we accelerate through the fourth industrial revolution, energy which drives life will enable us to live differently and positively shape our future. The future of energy will look completely different from today, and energy as an industry will be fundamentally redefined. Of all the multiple technological advancements happening around us, for us it is clear that Artificial Intelligence will also transform the future energy system and beyond - whether it's retail, generation or the grid.

We are wondering whether Artificial Intelligence will make energy utilities redundant or position them as a critical enabler – either way the potential impact for the whole industry is huge. As Silicon Valley has always been at the epicenter of disrupting established industries and applying new technologies to accelerate change, we spoke to Sebastian Niestrath from our team in Palo Alto, US.

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