Our focus areas

We’ve defined four core areas in which we want to collaborate with ambitious start-ups to set up new businesses around the world.

We’re looking for partners with new propositions and business models in these areas:

’Machine Economy’

We develop ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or Blockchain-based decentralized business models for a machine powered real people serving economy

  • Mobility
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Finance

‘Smart & Connected’

We are developing exciting areas of innovation that can change the way we live and work

  • Safety & Security
  • Manage & Maintain
  • Climate & Convenience
  • Building Automation
  • Office Redefined

‘Disruptive Digital’

Identifying and fostering new digital business models with the potential to revolutionise the traditional energy world

  • Energy Generation
  • Trading
  • Grid
  • Retail

‘Cyber Ventures’

Seed and grow cybersecurity ventures that tackle world's key cybersecurity challenges and spark innovative business models creating disruptive shifts in the cyber market