Machine Economy

Will machines become our most important customers in the energy system of the future?

The future of energy is determined by new, open and decentralised infrastructures

Are Machines craving energy? That's a question we don't usually ask when we speak about energy. Machines might play a completely different role that we see as one game changer for the future energy system. In a decentralised and digitized world we will see billions of smart devices and their transition towards becoming autonomous agents, who will make independent purchasing decisions. In a world in which knowing and understanding your customer is critical, to remain successful in the future we will need to tackle a new major challenge of knowing and learning how to communicate with this new kind of customer.

As Berlin is the European innovation capital and has been further strengthening its position as an epicenter for the development of blockchain technologies, this makes it one of the most vibrant crypto-tech communities in Europe. We talked to Moritz Jungmann from our team in Berlin, Germany to understand more about the evolution of machines as they become increasingly autonomous, and the implications this could have on the energy system of the future.

In the future we believe transactions will take place between devices, buildings and machines autonomously based on peer-to-peer models that will have a profound impact on how people live and interact. Experience more in this interview with Kerstin Eichmann, Head of "Machine Economy" at the innogy Innovation Hub. We asked her about the impact of Machine Economy and the IoT on the future of energy.

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