Monetise insights from the data all around us

First meet-up at innogy in Israel

We live in an age of increasingly smart and connected homes, cars, and millions of other connected devices. Most of us cheerfully stand by as our devices amass huge amounts of data about our lives and our environment. But what if we could harness insights from this data without compromising individual privacy?

That was the question asked by our innogy team in Israel to guests from the start-up community at an event last week, as part of our search for partners to co-create new business models. In this case, the focus was on how to monetise data insights collected from different IoT devices. This resulted in an interesting discussion about how the upcoming ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) law in Europe will make it even more challenging to monetise private data insights without the consent of the end customers.

Our focus in the innogy Innovation Hub is on ‘Smart & Connected’ and the ‘Machine Economy’. We are looking at solutions that protect user privacy through smarter IoT. It would be great to work with partners to bring IoT to the next generation.

Harald Kemmann, Head of Insights & Ideation at innogy Innovation Hub (based in Germany)

After two years we are now at a stage where the start-up ecosystem in Israel can see how their exciting ideas and technologies can land at an European utility. innogy is widely perceived as an innovative and modern, future-oriented utility. But what is most important for the start-up scene in Israel is that we are able to co-create with them. A seven week lean-test-phase and access to innogy’s huge customer base is a crucial competitive advantage.

Mickey Steiner, Managing Director of the innogy Innovation Centre in Israel

If you want to get involved in our journey, take a look at our innogy Generator programme to see how we are working and co-creating with start-ups worldwide.