Driving game-changing ideas with new ‘Business Founders’

Inspiring Venture Developer Experience Days in Berlin

Our community is already familiar with the innogy Innovation Hub approach where we are co-creating and developing new business models for innogy’s future business. That’s why we are continuously seeking entrepreneurial people who want to work with us in this ambitious environment to find the best solutions to our challenges. More than forty people attended our ‘Venture Developer Experience Day’ where we took a look at the next generation of business founders who want to build new internal companies with us "from scratch to spin-off" and grow external start-ups within our identified opportunity spaces.

A highly active one-day session

In early March, the ‘Talent & People Cell’ from the innogy Innovation Hub started the ‘Hiring sprint’ with a call for new business founders. Now we are ready for the next phase: the ‘Venture Developer Experience Day’. After an introduction about the Innovation Hub, its successes and what makes it unique, the forty candidates explored their capabilities for pitching, presenting and discussing business ideas. As well as becoming familiar with the Innovation Hub approach, this also gave them the opportunity to meet people working in the areas of ‘Smart & Connected’, ‘Machine Economy’, ‘Urban Solutions’, ‘Disruptive Digital’ and ‘Big Data’, as well as members of our leadership team.

The main theme of the day was to understand the key requirements for successful business founding. Without a clear and compelling value proposition, a strong customer focus and a sustainable growth story, no manager, partner or investor will give you a ‘Go’ or the money to build your business. After eight intensive hours the candidates gained a real experience of what it’s like to be a Venture Developer in the innogy Innovation Hub, as well as valuable insights in how to evaluate and scale a new business.

At the innogy Innovation Hub, we're driving game-changing ideas. As a Venture Developer, you will have a great opportunity to start and grow a start-up with all the responsibility of a business founder. Our ideal candidate would be enthusiastic to move into the start-up you have created in the role of founder and lead it to an exciting future. You would need to be able to demonstrate previous experience as a start-up entrepreneur.

Annemie Ress, Lead People & Talent Cell and part of the leadership team of the innogy Innovation Hub

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