innogy Innovation Hub co-organizes ‘Start Up Energy Transition Award’

The innogy Innovation Hub is one of the founders and co-organizers of the Start Up Energy Transition Award, a new global initiative to boost innovation in the fight against climate change. ‘Start Up Energy Transition’ is more than just an award. It will connect many existing initiatives with a clear focus on scaling up innovation to make global energy transition a success. It leads to a Tech Festival held in Berlin which aims to become the ‘web summit’ for energy.

Launched on 22 November 2016 at the Berlin annual conference of dena, the German Energy Agency, the initiative has three components: an award for the most promising start-ups worldwide working on energy transition, a tech festival in Berlin in March 2017 and a permanent global network to promote innovation for a greener, more sustainable future.

Categories of the ’Start Up Energy Transition Award’

For the Start Up Energy Transition Award, you as a start-up are invited to showcase your innovations in five categories – an additional special prize is possible!

  1. The Urban Energy Transition
  2. Mobility meets Energy Transition
  3. Cleantech against Climate Change
  4. Platforms and Communities
  5. Future Production and Manufacturing
  6. Special Prize “Start Up SDG7” (based on the United Nations target Sustainable Energy for All)

The above categories closely correlate to all innogy Innovation Hub focus areas!

Prizes on offer

There are some great prizes on offer, including:

  • Invitation of the three most promising start-ups in each category for a fully accommodated trip to the ‘Start Up Energy Transition’ Tech Festival in Berlin
  • A five digit prize money (€) in each of the five categories
  • A 20,000 € package for the three nominees in the Special Prize category
  • Access to international venture capitalists, investors and industry partners

The three most promising start-ups in each category will be invited to present at the Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival on 19 March in Berlin (all expenses paid), after which the award winners will be announced in the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue on 21 March. All 18 start-ups will receive expert professional coaching from innogy, as part of our sponsorship.

Entrants also get the opportunity to become part of the global ‘Start Up Energy Transition’ Network and have exclusive access to 80 worldwide industry partners, including innogy, while also gaining access to international venture capitalists, investors and other start-ups.

innogy encourages all start-ups working in Energy Transition to take part in this exciting initiative to help shape the future of global energy together.

For further information visit youtube and facebook!