Fresh Energy wins GreenTec Award 2018

Fresh Energy, the first fully digital electricity provider in Germany to generate significant value for customers based on Smart Meter technology, has won the GreenTec Award 2018 in the category "Startup". The world's leading environmental award honors green pioneers and sustainable innovations. The Berlin-based company received the award for its innovative product mix of green electricity, free smart meters and its intuitive app that allows users to see their electricity consumption in real-time, thereby promoting sustainable electricity consumption.

The coveted trophy was presented to Dr. Christian Bogatu, CEO and Co-Founder of Fresh Energy, at a ceremony at the ICM in Munich in the run-up to IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for water, wastewater, waste and raw materials management. Having already received a series of awards, including at the Handelsblatt's "Immobilienwirtschaft 2017" conference, the "Internet of Energy" conference and the "Perpetuum 2018" energy efficiency award at the DENEFF conference, this is now the fourth prize for the young company, which has been shaking up the energy market with its value-added services and Smart Meter technology since April 2017.

The winning project: With kilobytes to less kWh

With its smart solution, Fresh Energy targets power guzzlers and promotes resource-conservation and the environmentally conscious consumption of electricity. The company combines the latest smart meter technology and artificial intelligence. With the help of self-learning algorithms, individual household appliances are identified by their characteristic power consumption fingerprints on which potential savings are suggested.

Customers can use a specially developed interface via mobile phone app to view their own energy consumption in real-time and thus have the opportunity to take targeted action against power guzzlers. Another plus: At Fresh Energy customers are billed monthly and only for the electricity they have consumed – savings pay off immediately with no mark-ups or additional, end-of-the-year payments. Fresh Energy offers a white label solution and data monetization-as-a-service for partners from the energy industry.

We are delighted to win this highly regarded, international award and succeeded in convincing the world-class jury in terms of innovation, sustainability and resource conservation. In Germany, EUR 4 billion worth of energy is wasted every year by standby devices alone. An old refrigerator may consume up to EUR 200 a year, which consumers are often unaware of. By visualizing power consumption in real time, we give electricity customers unprecedented control and motivate them to use electricity with care. We create transparency – with the highest level of security and data protection.

Dr. Christian Bogatu, CEO and Co-Founder of Fresh Energy

At the innogy Innovation Hub, we are very proud of Fresh Energy and the whole team to receive the GreenTec award. Since the foundation last year in March, Fresh Energy exceeded our expectations with regards to market traction and customer growth. While others are still talking, the team is building the digital utility shaping the energy landscape of the future. Customers and the environment equally benefit from unparalleled user experience and data-driven insights which ultimately promotes sustainable electricity consumption.

Patrick Elftmann, Head of 'Disruptive Digital' at the innogy Innovation Hub

About the GreenTec Awards

About the GreenTec Awards

Over the last eleven years, the GreenTec Awards have become one of the world's leading environmental awards. The aim of the awards is to jointly promote green projects, to inspire visionaries to network with each other and to encourage them to share best practice and collaborate. The awards are aimed at all initiatives, private individuals, start-ups, medium-sized and large companies that are committed to a green lifestyle.

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About Fresh Energy

Fresh Energy is the first digital electricity provider in Germany. The company offers its customers 100% green energy, a free Smart Meter and an intuitive energy app. The Smart Meter measures their total power consumption and recognizes the consumption patterns of individual appliances or device groups by means of artificial intelligence. Thus, energy consumed by a device can be individually displayed and presented to the customer as a live visualization.

Fresh Energy is also the first provider in the energy sector with monthly billing, guaranteeing no additional payments – customers pay monthly for only the energy they actually consume. Thus, Fresh Energy promotes conscious energy consumption and helps to make full use of potential savings. This innovative concept has enjoyed governmental recognition as well:

The green tech company has received 1 million € at the end of 2017 from the BMWi and the BAFA for "Einsparzähler", a program introduced for initiating smart electricity consumption. The GreenTech startup was founded by Christian Bogatu, Ph.D. (CEO) and Daniel von Gaertner (COO & CPO) in Berlin in March 2017 and currently has 27 employees. Find out more here.