Meet the IPRIZE jury

Embracing the unknown lies at the heart of innovation: it challenges the status quo and results in opportunities that go beyond existing paradigms.

Motivated by technical advancements in Blockchain, Machine Learning, robots, IoT, and AI– and its opportunities as well as challenges that come along with it – we have assembled a group of visionary thinkers who will assist you in shaping the machine economy ecosystem for the good.

We are excited for the opportunity to work with an expert set of judges who will ensure a fair and thorough selection process. Their pioneer work in the machine economy community and professional insights will be imperative to identify the most promising ideas and most brilliant teams and individuals that advance the new ethical machine economy.

Our jurors will select the top candidates for each category (society, business, culture) – both early-stage start-ups and individuals – and announce the short list of applicants on September 1st. These short-listed finalists will be invited to the innogy Innovation Hub UnConference on September 28th in Berlin for the final pitch-off. In each category one early-stage start-up will gain seed investment of up to 250k. In addition to that the two most brilliant individual applicants will be awarded a 2k stipend/month and free office space in Berlin.

Our jury members are on the forefront of bringing the machine economy to life. They are heavily invested in identifying and co-creating real solutions for new disruptive technologies and enabling a machine-empowered, people serving future:

It's critical that we build a future where humans can compete with machines. This means putting resources into education, innovation and governance.



Bruce Pon, CEO BigchainDB

The digital, physical and biological spheres are converging in the 4th industrial revolution. A huge variety of new technologies are at the tipping point with massive impact on our life, work and society. Technology is significantly changing entire industries and destroying many of today's business models. The IPRIZE is addressing super huge opportunities while mitigating the negative consequences for the good of society.



Carsten Stöcker, Blockchain Evangelist at innogy Innovation Hub

Our world is changing rapidly. We are facing a new economy where many tasks will be automated and machines, agents and AI algorithms become the new stakeholders. How will people then have meaning? A lot of people derive meaning from their employment. If you have an answer to this question, apply for the IPRIZE!

Kerstin Eichmann, Operational Lead „Machine Economy“ at innogy Innovation Hub

The intersection of Blockchain, AI, and IoT can be very empowering. But we need privacy by design. Otherwise we will build a universal control machine skynet.



Shermin Voshgmir, Founder of BlockchainHub

I am proud to join forces with the innogy Innovation Hub to enable the machine economy ecosystem in Germany, Europe and beyond. We are on the brink of a dramatic transformation and with GTEC as a partner, we are preparing for the new opportunities that will come.

Benjamin Rohé, Managing Director GTEC

In Europe the innogy Innovation Hub is second to none when it comes to enabling and accelerating the m2m (Machine to Machine) economy. Also in Israel, the world leading ecosystem in Blockchain and AI, we are on the forefront of shaping the machine economy ecosystem. The IPRIZE is the special opportunity to co-create real solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

Mickey Steiner, Managing Director innogy Innovation Center, Israel

Blockchain, IoT and machine learning open opportunity spaces that go beyond anything that has been here before. At the innogy Innovation Hub we embrace the unknown and I am especially excited to enable its implementation into practice. The IPRIZE is the perfect platform to tap into new spheres and support those innovating towards the industry 4.0.

Torsten Dahmen, Enterprise Solution Architect at innogy Innovation Hub