Making the shift from defensive protection to active threat prevention

Digitization is one of the most transformational developments in the history of humanity. It revolutionizes the way we communicate, interact and make business. The megatrend of digitalisation is a core driver for developing business in the future energy world and beyond. The other side of the coin is an exponential increase in digital system complexity. And with that comes new vulnerabilities that threaten the integrity and availability of information and services. That's why we're looking to invest in the next generation of cybersecurity: advanced deception technologies, AI enabled anomaly detection, automated threat detection, behavioral analytics and deep learning based network traffic analysis. By shifting from defensive protection to active threat prevention, we believe that organisations can regain the advantage over cyber attackers.

Together with 'Rheingau founders' and 'Rotonda Investor Office', we invested this month in, who have developed a software solution that enables small and medium sized business with little IT know-how to protect their websites proactively against cyber-attacks. The company will use the capital raised to develop the software and expand their business.

It's our goal to offer small and medium sized companies a simple and affordable solution to proactively protect themselves against hacker attacks. With innogy Innovation Hub and Rotonda Investor Office, we were able to get two new partners on board who share our vision for the future of cyber security and bring in a lot of know-how for the challenges ahead.

Matthias Friese, CEO and Co-Founder of

In this investment round, we were able to get excellent investors on board, that we can work with as reliable technology partners. They share our vision for the product and will support us on our ambitious expansion path. Furthermore, this partnership offers a valuable opportunity to enter new customer segments, as well as to scale the technology to new markets.

Jens Altmann, CTO and Co-Founder of

Helping SMEs to protect against hacker attacks

Today, the hacker scene is well organised and frequently has underlying financial motives, such as blackmailing hacked targets. Every year, cyber-attacks cost the global economy billions of dollars. Small to medium sized companies in particular often lack the web security knowledge and resources to efficiently protect their websites and online shops from cyber-attacks. This is especially worrying when the website increasingly represents the main communication and transaction channel with customers. offers an affordable solution for this segment.

The software provides a fully automated solution that tests websites for vulnerabilities and scans the source code for backdoors and malware. Furthermore, it conducts a penetration test at frequent intervals. This procedure enables businesses to comply with the high technical security standards required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force in May 2018.

The team and their unique technology convinced us from an early stage. Through this new financing round, we can further build out the product and scale the commercial operations.


Philipp Hartmann, Rheingau Founders Partner

We believe that cybersecurity is one of the most exciting areas for investment – tackling challenges that are growing exponentially with disruptive new technologies. Cyber security is also fundamentally important for building up the dentralised and digitized future energy system. has understood that security at the most important digital interface between companies and customers is one of the key challenges for any successful business in the digital age.

Christof Kortz, Lead of 'Cyber Ventures' at the innogy Innovation Hub


Founded in late 2015 by Matthias Friese, Jens Altmann and Dominik Wojcik. offers its customers a fully automated web security SaaS solution that is specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs. Business owners without specific IT knowledge can proactively protect their online-shops and web applications from hacker attacks. In mid-2016, Rheingau Founders first invested in the Berlin IT security firm, followed in 2018 by the innogy Innovation Hub.