Deep technologies: Listen to our new podcast series

At the innogy Innovation Hub we work with startups that deal with AI sourcing, disruptive technology, big data and much more. In a nutshell: We work on the energy system of tomorrow and beyond. To get a closer look on what we do, listen to our podcast series about deep technologies on Soundcloud, hosted by our CPO Annemie Ress. She discusses current trends related to the transformation of the energy world with different members of the Hub, analyses how we identify promising startups to partner with and much more. So if you’ve got a few spare minutes, listen up!

Part 1: Trends in AI

Artificial intelligence is the main topic in the first episode. Annemie Ress talks with Carlos Nasillo, Lead 'Artificial Intelligence', about the Innovation Hub's strong involvement in this disruptive technology sector. Besides, they give an outlook on the latest AI trends.

Part 2: AI Sourcing

Same experts, different topic: Carlos Nasillo and Annemie Ress talk about how to identify promising deep technology startups to invest and partner with in the London ecosystem. Furthermore Carlos explains, where he sees the most interesting AI development in the world – it’s not in the Silicon Valley...

Part 3: Less is More

Innovation is all about collaboration: Thus, in this episode Annemie Ress and Carlos Nasillo share ideas how corporate innovation and their cooperation with partners and startups can look like and what their key differentiators are. It’s more about culture than about strategy... hear here more.

Part 4: Energy is Everything

Thomas Birr, CEO of the Innovaton Hub, joins Annemie Ress and gives personal insights into the Innovation Hub vision and the set of startups, the Innovation Hub is working with to drive the energy system of tomorrow and beyond. His statement: "Energy is everything – the most exciting industry in the world. It will decide upon the quality of life for all of us."

Part 5: Avoiding Mistakes

Corporates and startups have to understand and to overcome different disparities to successfully collaborate with each others – as customers and as partners. In this part of our podcast series Thomas Birr and Annemie Ress share their thoughts on how to do so and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

More parts are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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