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In the last couple of months, many of our innogy Innovation Hub colleagues have been publishing their thoughts on, the well-known online platform for professionals working in the area of deep technology who want to share their views in public. As well as our established social media channels – LinkedIn and Facebook - we want to provide even more and deeper insights into our work and exchange ideas with you, our community. If you like the sound of this, then feel free to follow us on our Medium account!

As you know, we believe in a future of decentralisation, digitalisation and dematerialization. Alongside this, we see the convergence of industries, technologies and the co-creation of new business models between start-ups and corporates. That’s why Innovation Hub colleagues who focus on ‘Machine Economy’, ‘Smart & Connected’, ‘Disruptive Digital’ and ‘Cyber Ventures’ regularly put their heads together to discuss topics of common interest. Are you interested to learn more, including three tangible examples?

If yes, you should read the most recent article from Franziska Heintel from the ‘Machine Economy’ team on the theme of how convergence can accelerate innovation.

Everybody is talking about Identity Management nowadays. It is the process for identifying, authenticating and authorizing individuals or groups of people to have access to applications, systems or networks. Carolina Soto’s article explains what it is, illustrates use cases from different perspectives and shows some examples of companies working on Identity Management.

If you are interested in exploring digital identity solutions, you should also read Carolina Soto’s expert interview with Joachim Lohkamp (CEO) and Kai Wagner (Business Development) from Jolocom. Jolocom is a decentralized open source identity layer for the internet, helping individuals and organizations to create and manage their digital identity independently from identity providers. Read here why they think blockchain is the best available solution for enabling self-sovereign identities.

Who actually says that machines will become human companions or even more radical that machines become more human than humans? In the future, when most functions performed by humans will be taken over by machines, the responsibilities that come with it will be an add-on. Take a look at Kerstin Eichmann's thoughts how machines need to adapt to cater human differences and how they can make our society more inclusive, lowering the barriers for humans to enjoy an equal way of living.

Did you know, that Berlin is one of the most important ecosystems for Europe covering diverse innovation in various sectors? Its blockchain ecosystem is particularly impressive. That’s why Franziska Heintel and Sandeep Bajjuri mapped all the start-ups and their projects working in the space, along with their enablers including the investment firms, accelerators, co-working spaces and many more: Click here to see all our articles on