And the IPRIZE goes to…

Only three months ago we launched the IPRIZE with the mission to enable a 'Machine Economy' ecosystem that fosters a mutually beneficial co-existence of human and machine. At the innogy Innovation Hub, we expect technologies such as the 'Internet of Things', Blockchain and 'Artificial Intelligence' to disrupt life as we know it.

Overwhelming Response

These changes will go far beyond affecting new business practices, they will reach deeply into our core understanding of society and culture. Posing such a visionary and still very intangible challenge, we were astonished by the sheer number of submissions from all over the world. Altogether, we received 150 applications across 27 countries worldwide – reaching from Azerbaijan to Chile, from Malaysia to Russia

Selection Process

For us, the essence of the IPRIZE is to enable an innovation ecosystem that allows technology to be used for the good of society. We want to leverage synergies across industries and borders, connecting dots while also connecting people.

Knowing that innovation comes in many shapes and sizes we were looking both for visionary start-ups and brilliant individual thinkers. The selection was therefore a twofold process. Start-ups were recruited from three categories: culture, society and business. Individual applications were accepted across categories and at very early stages.

Thanks to our expert jurors we are now celebrating three start-ups and two individual applicants who are bringing real solutions to a machine-empowered, people-serving future.


IPRIZE proudly announces the three winning start-up teams and the two distinguished individual applicants. These ideas offered visionary solutions that will ultimately enable a conscious and mutually beneficial coming-together of human and machine.

The winning start-up teams will receive a seed investment of up to 250k euros. The individual entries are provided with a six month idea scholarship to further develop their concepts.

Thanks to AIRTEAM for suporting us in the IPRIZE Award ceremony!

We proudly present you the IPRIZE winners

Winner in Category: Culture

Own.Space OWN is a visual collaboration platform where humans form teams with artificial agents. These are programmed to solve specific tasks and answer questions. OWN aims to become a market place for artificial intelligence that empowers knowledge workers to focus on the important aspects of their jobs and allow understanding than never before.

Winner in Category: Society

Coach.Ai A virtual coach that uses artificial intelligence and behavioral psychology to reach the tipping point to overcome peoples' daily challenges – creating a lasting behavioral change. CoachAi is a personal companion to each user, enabling them to establish healthier habits by increasing motivation and accountability.

Winner in Category: Business

Becker Create. Creating the Digital Building Store to revolutionize the Design and Build industry. Becker Create built a platform that allows complete rendering of Building Information Model (BIM) for a smart house or building. A Digital Twin of the building enables self-management and reduces costs in the construction and maintenance of buildings.

Winning Scholars

HuMa Lab. HuMa Lab exists to explore and explain the evolving relationship between humans and machines to identify current and forthcoming societal imperatives. HuMa Lab believes increased engagement, input, information and collaboration is necessary to actively shape our shared future with thinking machines. By democratizing aspects of AI development, HuMa Lab seeks to ensure our intent is realized through the social contract we co-create with machine intelligence.

OpenEth. OpenEth is a data set of ethics to empower moral reasoning engines. It is founded on the principle that ethics and morality can be measurable, definable and computable, across cultures, time and geography. We believe that the future of a thriving humanity in an artificially intelligent world is predicated on the ability to create moral and ethical machines.


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