Share&Charge extends EV charging interoperability pilot to the UK

The good news for electric vehicle (EV) drivers in the UK is that there are now more than 6,000 public charging locations. But the bad news is that they are provided by a wide range of suppliers and networks, with multiple forms of payment and chargers due to a lack of accepted standards. Step forward Share&Charge, with a blockchain-based solution to link them all securely and seamlessly together.

Last year, Share&Charge initiated an interoperability pilot with partners Electric Blue, EVBox, EVDriver, Hubeleon, The Phoenix Works and Volkswagen Financial Services to test blockchain as a possible solution for a Europe-wide cooperative charging network. The pilot will now be extended to the UK to further develop this vision.

Share&Charge focuses on running technical integration tests with different charging stations and test vehicles from Volkswagen Financial Services, while comparing costs of traditional roaming solutions with a new decentralized approach.

Since emerging as a spin-off from the innogy Innovation Hub, Share&Charge has now been transferred from parent company MotionWerk GmbH to an independent Share&Charge Foundation based in Switzerland, to promote its development as an independent network and to facilitate a wider range of partnerships and increased global reach. Read more about their goals here.

We see great potential in this first trial and blockchain can be the crucial enabler. Therefore, we are now setting up a foundation as a new entity to allow all parties to cooperate and jointly define blockchain-based standards in the best interests of the end customer.


Dietrich Sümmermann, Founder and CEO of MotionWerk

About MotionWerk GmbH

MotionWerk GmbH develops blockchain-based software solutions for the mobility industry. The company became known for its Share&Charge product, a peer2peer charging network that was considered one of the first live products using the public Ethereum blockchain. Other projects included Oslo2Rome, a European store network, and a P2P pilot in California.

Share&Charge prepares a token sale on a decentralised protocol for charging electric vehicles, transactions and sharing data – so that companies can offer a seamless, intelligent and secure charging experience. Working with key players in the broader mobility ecosystem, MotionWerk is researching and developing decentralised technologies for the future of mobility. MotionWerk GmbH is a spin-off and participation of Innogy Innovation Hub.

You can find out more about Share&Charge at or or can reach out to the team via email.

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