Visualix launches first enterprise augmented reality cloud

German-based technology startup, Visualix, which received seed funding from innogy Innovation Hub earlier this year, has launched the first enterprise augmented reality cloud with an easy-to-use Visual Mapping and Positioning System.

Visualix’s service, which launched at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Munich, enables enterprises to scan large-scale environments in 3D, provides localisation without any additional hardware such as beacons or markers, and allows navigation and asset tracking with pinpoint accuracy in real-time.

Enterprises such as logistics companies, retailers and other firms with a factory, warehouse or plant, are able to benefit from optimised navigation, faster warehouse pick-up and personalised customer guidance. In addition, firms are able to use the Visualix Content Management System to optimise workflows and position content in the 3D map, or build their own content management tools/systems on top of the Visualix solution.

Our goal is to give enterprises a tool to easily map their physical environment with available mobile phones and tablets within minutes. Our clients can use the visual maps to precisely localise and track their assets and equipment without any specialised knowledge. They don’t need any beacons or markers to localise the position or navigate through a large-scale environment. We can precisely define where the user is and offer a scalable solution that is focused on enterprise needs.

Darius Pajouh, Visualix CEO and co-founder

The Visualix Mapping and Positioning System is available for mobile phones and tablets running on Android or iOS devices, and builds on top of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore to expand their capabilities with a server-side enabled computation for extended mapping and localization range. Localisation with the provided AR Cloud doesn’t need beacons, RFID chips or markers. It can be implemented in robots, drones or used on mobile phones.

We look to invest in innovative new companies and technologies that change how we live and work. Visualix’s augmented reality technology not only improves efficiency workflows in the logistics and warehousing industry, but has the potential to drive automation. As such, it’s a great fit for innogy Innovation Hub and we are excited by the potential for this technology.

Alina Prawdzik, Head of “Smart & Connected” at innogy Innovation Hub

About Visualix

Visualix is a Berlin-based technology startup building the visual mapping and position service with an integrated Augmented Reality cloud for enterprises. Visualix enables enterprises to use large-scale Augmented Reality on mobile devices without beacons and markers for logistics, factories and retail. The team has successfully implemented solutions for global brands.

Find more information about the Visualix Product Suite at or check out their LinkedIn profile.

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