Corporate start-up ‘shine’ goes local with first pop-up store

Do you remember the first start-up of the innogy Innovation Hub that was founded in early 2016? The business is now growing by opening the first pop-up store.

When you’re driving through the streets of Reken in the Münsterland, you wouldn't expect to meet people from a start-up - but you will. A few weeks after the launch of its new product‚ ‘shineConnect Power‘, the corporate start-up ‘shine’ has started testing new ways to connect with photovoltaic owners, its target customer group. In January, ‘shine’ opened a pop-up store in the city of Reken which is one of the cities with the highest photovoltaic density in North Rhine-Westphalia .

For about one month, shine will now consult photovoltaic owners on what to do next with their photovoltaic system and present their products to potential customers right in their home town. The focus of the pop-up stores is to drive direct sales with the additional benefit of collecting personal feedback on its offering.

“We do not only want to use online channels to reach potential customers but want to really go to the places where our customers are. Using pop-up stores in local communities combines our customer approach well with shine’s overall vision of a decentralized energy future”.

Felix Grolman, CEO of 'shine'

It is planned to set up further pop-up stores in other cities if this first pilot in Reken pays off.

You can find more information about 'shine' here.