Testing Blockchain for IoT and IOTA in Initial Prototypes

At the latest Meet-up in Berlin, the innogy Innovation Hub presented its recent physical prototypes and its vision for Industry 4.0 in the "Blockchain, Tangle and Beyond". Carsten Stöcker, Senior Manager 'Machine Economy' of the innogy Innovation Hub, shared his experiences with 150 enthusiasts coming from a wide range of different disciplines and backgrounds as we believe in building strong innovation ecosystems.

Industry 4.0 is powered by the fusion of technologies connecting the dots between the physical, digital and biological spheres. A variety of disruptive Industry 4.0 technologies are now at their tipping point of being widely adopted in the next years.

These technologies include — among others — electric cars, intelligent autonomous machines, decentral energy infrastructure, 3D printers, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This sounds all far away, but early prototypes can be built and tested already to accelerate learning about new decentral technologies.

Digital Twins & CarPass

A practicable first application of a digital twin with IOTA is CarPass for vehicles telematics data. This special digital twin enables a vehicle to tell its story where it went, what it did and how it was treated. The car's history along its lifecycle is captured in the digital twin. This provides many benefits for fleet managers, workshops, processes involving multiple parties, logistics companies or cold chain operators.

As the most simple and straightforward benefit this solution provides an auditable and tamper-proof mileage history, preventing odometer fraud in the second hand car market. Within last weeks we at the innogy Innovation Hub, learned a lot about Message Publishing Channels with built in authenticity, integrity and encryption of data.

Real Time Token Streaming

innogy as a modern and green utility is very interested in interoperable, cheap and secure micro-transactions for charging of electric vehicles. This is the reason why we are starting to test the IOTA flash channels for crypto-currency token streaming in return for energy. We are now planning to simulate an entire fleet of charging poles and electric vehicles across Europe with this technology to analyze scaling and effectiveness of token streaming as well as system requirements for syncing token and energy streams.

Looking beyond these initial use cases Andreas Osowski, IOTA Core Developer, spoke about IOTA and the practical application in the automotive industry. Carsten Stöcker added that it's important to build prototypes in order to understand the new technology and possible risks:

Of course innogy is aware about real world and cyber security risks in adopting these young technologies. We are aware of the risks and the development roadmap of missing features going forward. We believe that building prototypes is a reasonable way to better understand the technology and its underlying risks.

Carsten Stöcker, Senior Manager 'Machine Economy' of the innogy Innovation Hub

Interested in our work? Please ping us. Contact: Ulrike.Kleist@innogy.com. If you want to learn more about the event and get the insights first-hand, have a look at the video summary of the day:

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