Building smart and secure buildings of the future with Calipsa

At innogy Innovation Hub, we are always searching for the next “big thing” in technology that can help drive a smart and digital energy system of the future. Lucky for us, we found another cutting-edge start-up to help us drive this vision towards the transformation of buildings into smart organisms – meet our newest Innovation Hub family member, Calipsa.

Our latest seed investment, Calipsa, is an AI powered closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring company based in the UK. Typically, CCTVs – such as surveillance cameras – are closely monitored and analysed by humans. Calipsa aims to transform the traditional process of CCTVs with its state of the art platform, leveraging deep learning techniques to automatically analyse CCTV video feeds and provide actionable alerts in real-time. In doing so, Calipsa supports human operators by enabling faster and more efficient decision-making while also reducing false alarms – in excess of 50%.

This is a break-through, especially when you think of CCTVs in relation to theft and burglary prevention. Calipsa’s technology can help protect important assets such as commercial buildings, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, retails outlets, and more. Additionally, with its technology hosted in the cloud, Calipsa requires no up-front capital expenditure for its customers – which there are plenty.

There are currently 250 million professionally installed CCTV cameras in the world. The market for alarm monitoring services exceeds $50 billion globally and shows no signs of slowing down with reported double-digit annual growth driven by decreasing camera costs, improved networking and an increased focus on security.

Aside from the market potential, which is huge, Calipsa’s excellence in technology aligns with our vision of a world that is decentralised, smart and connected – making them the perfect addition to our portfolio.

“We identify and back innovative companies and technologies that have the potential to transform infrastructure for the benefit of all and Calipsa’s technology is a great example of that. By automating video monitoring, they are helping to transform assets like buildings into smart organisms.”  Annemie Ress, Managing Director and CHO of the innogy Innovation Hub.

Calipsa has only had its product on the market since mid-2018, yet they’ve already attracted a number of large customers, validating our combined vision for the future. As such, we’ll not only be providing financial backing but supporting Calipsa’s efforts to grow and scale the company through mentorship, support and access to our extensive network of industry executives.

“We are delighted to welcome innogy Innovation Hub as a new investor and partner. As well as providing financial backing, they take a very hands-on approach, providing access to their fantastic network of industry contacts. With their support we look forward to growing our company and achieve our ambition to become the market leader in CCTV monitoring.”Mohammed Rashid Khan, Co-founder and CEO of Calipsa.

We are excited to welcome Calipsa to our family and look forward to seeing what they accomplish in co-creating the #FutureofEnergy!


About us:

Founded in 2016 by machine learning and AI experts, Mohammad Rashid Khan and Boris Ploix, Calipsa comprises expertise from universities including Cambridge, Imperial College London and UCL. Calipsa is working with customers in the UK and UK and is seeking strategic partners to take its technology to the market.

Founded in 2016, Calipsa has developed a machine learning (AI) based software platform that automates the analysis and monitoring of video feeds. For more information, visit:

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