Building smart cities with Skanska

Smart buildings are more than a buzzword. By 2020, the smart buildings industry could be worth $36 billion as developers look to harvest data from buildings to enable them to run more efficiently, more flexibly and to boost energy efficiency.

According to the UN around 68% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050 and the race to build new, more effective and smarter buildings is well underway.

By using AI and data to help run buildings in the future, developers and building managers can achieve a host of benefits, ranging from continual monitoring of building performance and tracking and responding to any system failures before they happen, to reducing energy use and planning spikes in demand for specific services to ensure staff and physical resources are utilised efficiently to meet occupants’ needs.

With buildings responsible for 40% of global energy consumption the carbon and financial savings that can be achieved from automating lighting, managing energy use and planning for peaks and troughs in demand is huge.

To accelerate the development of smart buildings, we have teamed up with property developer Skanska in Central and Eastern Europe to introduce smart technology into Skanska’s property developments in this innovative region.

The partnership will see the two organisations collaborate with Skanska working with PropTech and ConTech (Property Technology and Construction Technology) companies within the innogy Innovation Hub portfolio to drive smart technology into Skanska developments.

Under the agreement, Skanska and innogy Innovation Hub will focus on several key areas, such as data analytics from building systems, user comfort and improvements in the construction process. By the end of this year, the partners aim to carry out the first implementation projects focusing on Skanska building investments in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary.

“Cooperation with start-ups in the PropTech and ConTech areas is of major importance to us because, as a developer and general contractor for office building investments, Skanska is responsible for the entire project lifecycle. 

“We want to combine Skanska’s experience and business range with innogy Innovation Hub’s innovation and operating range. Innovative solutions emerge when teams with various competences work together. In this way we can test and implement solutions that will make our office space even more comfortable and effective in use, and we will be able to learn from our experiences by creating a digital twin of a physical building.”

– Anna Tryfon-Bojarska, Innovation Manager at Skanska office unit in CEE

“We see huge potential for innovation in the building industry and believe, in time, buildings may become an individual ‘client’ for energy companies of the future. We look for the technological solutions to achieve this vision and, using our collaborative platform approach, provide them with opportunities to test, refine and commercialize their products with the biggest players in the market.

“In Skanska, we have a partner able to use this vast potential to increase the efficiency of space use, optimise building productivity and safety, and enhance the wellbeing of building users. This is about us being healthier when leaving the building than we were when entering it.”

– Alina Prawdzik, Head of ‘Smart & Connected’ and in charge of innogy Innovation Hub’s operations in Central and Eastern Europe

About Skanska Commercial Development Europe

Skanska is one of the leading development and construction companies in Europe. Outside the Nordics the company has European operations in building construction and civil engineering in Poland, Czech Republic & Slovakia and the UK. Skanska develops commercial properties in select home markets in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary, while the residential development is active in Prague and Warsaw. Skanska also offers services in public private partnerships. In 2018, Skanska had sales of SEK 40 billion and about 14,200 employees in its European operations. 

Building smart cities with Skanska