EWorld 2019 Preview: Meet Our Portfolio Participants

We are thrilled to again be attending this year’s EWorld in Essen where some of the greatest minds in energy will gather to discuss the energy sector transformation – including everything from smart technology and government, to innovation and trading and finance. As our mission is to mentor, support and invest in the most cutting-edge people and ideas with the potential to transform the world of energy as we know it, it’s an event we look forward to each year.

Ahead of EWorld, we want to introduce you to three of our start-ups that will be joining us and taking to the stage to pitch their game-changing technologies at the innogy booth: Fresh Energy, gridX and Cryptowerk.


Fresh Energy

Fresh Energy, winner of the 2018 Green Tech Award, is returning to EWorld this year and will be participating in two panel discussions and presenting:

Tuesday, 5 February at 10:30 – Artur Borger, Head of Business Development will present: “When the meter is looking at the mother and reordering dishwasher tablets”
Tuesday, 5 February at 15:00 – CEO Dr. Christian Bogatu will be speaking on the “European markets for digital energy services in comparison: automated meter readings and data driven business model in in the UK, Netherlands and France – What’s different to Germany?” panel during the Smart Tech Forum
Wednesday, 6 February at 10:00 – Founder Daniel von Gaertner will be speaking on the “The pilot program of a single-energy meter 2016-2018: digital energy services for the energy transition through efficiency improvements” panel during the Smart Tech forum.

Fresh Energy offers value added services based on Smart Meter Data. Fresh Energy creates unparalleled value based on smart meter data for household customers of electricity providers. Partner utilities report higher customer engagement and lower turnover and have the potential to earn additional revenue.

Fresh Energy breaks the “black-box” of energy consumption and brings full transparency for the customer utilising machine learning algorithms.

Furthermore, Fresh Energy has developed a range of features aimed at delivering customer value resulting in additional revenue for the partnering utility. Fresh Energy focuses on the vast data monetisation potential in elderly care through activity-based load monitoring as the first value creation case.

Fresh Energy is also available for end customers that are looking for full transparency, no additional costs or bad surprises, and additional value added services.

Learn more about them on their website.




Cryptowerk had a momentous 2018, pivoting to a SaaS model and achievingsignificant growth in Europe and in the US, developing use cases in a number of industries. They plan to build on this and expand further in 2019 kicking things off by joining us at EWorld where they will be presenting:

Wednesday, 6 February at 16:30 – Bernhard Hecker, VP Business Development Europe, will present: Successful use cases for the blockchain technology: now it is time to bring it to the energy industry.

Founded in the United States in 2016, Cryptowerk is a blockchain solution helping fuel the distributed energy economy. As the utility industry continues to face increasingly distributed demand from energy producers and consumers – all the while facing new regulatory requirements – the need for a secure, decentralised system has become increasingly important.

Cryptowerk helps utilities, power plants and many others streamline the process of moving to a decentralised system with ease through use of their Digital Trust Engine. The Digital Trust Engine makes it simple to integrate existing enterprise applications with any public or private blockchain, as well as other digital ledger technologies.

Learn more about them on their website.



We are excited to share that our German-based portfolio company gridX, mentioned as one of the 100 most innovative startups in Germany by Forbes, will be joining us at EWorld and will be participating on stage in the following presentations:

Wednesday, 6 February at 16:00 – Presentation with Dr.Armin Gaul (Grid &Infrastructure, innogy SE) about a jointly developed smart charging solution
Thursday, 7 February at 13:00 Founder and Managing Director of gridX,Andreas Booke, will present: “How data repairs the world’s largest machine. #HowToFixEnergy
Every day at innogy booth: A demo of the jointly developed smart charging solution between innogy and gridX will be showcased for the first time at the G&I area of the innogy booth.

gridX is revolutionising the traditional energy supply system with their gridBox, a fully integrated and vendor-independent IoT gateway that digitises decentralised energy assets. They are truly helping to fulfill our vision of a dentralised and digital energy system by providing easy access to clean and affordable electricity.

The gridBox energy management software optimises Solar, Battery, HVAC and eMobility systems in a holistic approach ensuring that decentralised energy is used in the most efficient way.

gridX also offers a scalable cloud and data analytics infrastructure that transforms unrelated machine data into actionable insights to enable solutions in the fields of Independent Homes, Smart Charging and Microgrids.

gridX provides white-label solutions that are flexible, scalable and customisable to power your business in the new energy era.

Learn more about them on their website and make sure to visit them at their EWorldbooth in Hall 4, Stand 4-726.


We’re looking forward to EWorld 2019 and hope to see you there! If you’d like to meet with Fresh Energy, Cryptowerk, gridX or members of the innogy Innovation Hub team, we encourage you to reach out. We’d love to chat!

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