Eworld 2020 Preview: Meet our Portfolio Participants

Every year, the brightest minds in energy travel near and far to Essen to attend EWorld, the leading trade fair for the industry. With this year’s EWorld around the corner, we are looking forward to seeing the industry represented in its full variety, with executives and incumbents from all over the world. Among them will be innovators – including several from our portfolio – presenting the latest technologies and solutions for a smart, sustainable future of energy.

innogy Innovation Hub is not just an investor, but also an active mentor and supporter, committed to creating real value for our start-ups. We are therefore especially proud to give four of them – eSmart Systems, gridX, Lemonbeat and Fresh Energy – the opportunity to take to the stage at EWorld and pitch their pioneering technologies. 

Here’s a sneak preview of what they have in store – and if you’re going to be there make sure you catch their presentations and stop by their booths! 

Last year was pivotal for the Norwegian company, largely because of the $34.4 million in capital it secured from innogy Ventures and other investors for its international expansion. In 2020, eSmart Systems is set to continue its rapid international scaling. The start-up will be joining us at EWorld where they will be presenting:

Tuesday 11 February at 15:15 – Hogne Fevang, Sales Director: “Automated grid inspections with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”

Founded in 2012, eSmart Systems builds and delivers next-generation software solutions for automated inspections of powerlines, grid maintenance planning and energy flexibility optimization. Its software helps utilities to ensure and maintain the reliability, safety and resiliency of the electric grid and finally saves costs and increases capital efficiency. 

eSmart Systems offers AI-powered solutions to digitalize core processes in the energy industry – a necessity for an efficient, decentralised and decarbonised energy system.

Learn more about eSmart Systems on their website and be sure to visit them at their EWorld booth in Hall 3, Stand 3-336.


We’re pleased to share that gridX, who have benefited from our ecosystem approach since innogy Ventures co-led a seven-figure investment round in the start-up in 2018, will be returning to EWorld this year to present:

Tuesday 11 February at 15:45 – Andreas Booke, CTO: “DISRUPT: Why energy needs breakthrough innovation from start-ups and scale from corporates”

Founded in Germany in 2016, gridX drives change in the energy system towards a decentralized, decarbonized and digitized energy future by helping companies digitize energy infrastructure. The company offers a fully integrated and manufacturer-independent Internet of Things (IoT) white-label solution that enables the connectivity and communication between millions of distributed energy resources on one platform – the gridX platform. 

The product can intelligently integrate, monitor and control decentralized assets and visualize energy flows in order to enable use-cases such as Independent Homes, Smart Charging or Microgrids.

Learn more about the company on their website and swing by Hall 5, Stand 5-320 to visit them.


Lemonbeat started its operative business in 2016 to leverage its core technology in relevant markets. Today innogy is one of Lemonbeat´s customers. The German start-up will be presenting:

Thursday 13 February at 14:30 – Oliver van der Mond, CEO: “How to reduce complexity, cost and time-to-market for (energy related) IoT applications”

Founded in 2015, Lemonbeat delivers the first IoT Communication Backbone to buy as a Product (C-BaaP™).

Businesses face many technical decision problems when developing a new IoT product, often leaving no time to focus on their customer value proposition. With its IoT software, connectivity, gateway and cloud technologies, Lemonbeat offers an integrated and purchasable IoT Communication Backbone that enables the resolution of core technology decision issues, helping businesses to focus on customer value and allowing for rapid prototyping and mass market rollout. 

Lemonbeat currently focuses on selling its technology to key verticals such as smart energy, smart building, smart home and smart industry. 

Learn more about them on their website. 


Lastly, Fresh Energy will return to EWorld this year to present:

Thursday 13 February at 15:00 – Saskia Sattler, Chief of Staff: “From MegaWatt to MegaValue”

Founded in Germany in 2017, Fresh Energy is a leading white label solution for all smart meter data-driven use cases. By utilizing large sets of hardware agnostic data, Fresh Energy creates unparalleled value for household customers of electricity providers. With that, Fresh Energy breaks the “black-box” of energy consumption and brings full transparency for the customer and the utility. 

Furthermore, Fresh Energy has developed a range of features that aim to deliver customer value resulting in additional revenue for the partnering utility. Fresh Energy enables data insights currently not available anywhere in the market, helping energy companies to create a better user experience and greater customer lifetime value.

Learn more about Fresh Energy on their website and catch them at their EWorld booth in Hall 4, Stand 4-621.


We’re excited to be at EWorld 2020 and hope to see many new and familiar faces there. If you’d like to meet with eSmart Systems, gridX, Lemonbeat, Fresh Energy or members of the innogy Innovation Hub team, feel free to reach out. We’d love to chat!