Fractal: Building a decentralised shared economy

Together with Coparion, a Venture Capital firm specializing in German tech companies, the innogy Innovation Hub has invested in Fractal, a blockchain technology company based in Berlin.

Fractal builds identity and payment solutions for the decentralized web that are user-centric and compliant. It supports open source blockchain projects to fund the future ecosystem using an initial token launch, helping to make the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) investment process frictionless. Fractal plays a major role in moving ICOs out of the regulatory grey area and helps make the ICO investment process frictionless.

Furthermore, Fractal is behind the successful token launch of the Ocean Protocol, which raised over $20M in early 2018 and is already at work on a new effort partnering with two of our Machine Economy portfolio companies, ScanTrust and BigchainDB, as they raise support for a new project: the GoodChain Foundation.

“Our investment in Fractal fully supports our Machine Economy strategy which envisions a global economy where every analog asset  solar plants, charging poles and patents can be tokenized and traded. We believe Fractal has the potential to enable this transition to a tokenized economy in a legal and safe way with their high-quality, end-to-end ICO Launchpad.”

Kerstin Eichmann, Head of Machine Economy at the innogy Innovation Hub

With this seed round, Fractal plans to invest deeper into its software solutions for ID and payment to better support open source blockchain projects that are looking to obtain funding using an initial token launch.

“We want to serve entrepreneurs on their journey to build and fund open source decentralised protocols. The seed round lets us invest in better tools to help them. 

Julian Leitloff, Founder and CEO of Fractal

“The blockchain technology has the potential to change the financial system, but it needs to grow out of its infancy. With its focus on compliance, Fractal provides an important service to the scene.”

Christian Schulte, Investment Professional at Coparion

The next project to be launched is the Fractal ID. Available as an open Authentication (oAuth) kit for web and app engineers, it will allow users to log in with one click and instantly share a custom slice of their ID data with a trusted transaction partner.

About Fractal

Fractal is a Berlin-based consulting and software company founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneur Julian Leitloff, that builds identity and payment solutions for the decentralized web.  It envisions a global economy where every analog asset can be tokenized and traded. The company acts as a fully automated service partner for token offerings via its “Fractal Launchpad”. Find more about Fractal here.

Find out more about the future of the Machine Economy in this article by Kerstin Eichmann, Head of ‘Machine Economy’ for the Innovation Hub.

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