Getaway: A new investment in the area of e-mobility

Getaway Wins Flagship German Mobility Award

Next to Udo Schloemer, founder of the Berlin start-up Campus Factory, the innogy Innovation Hub,  invested this month in Getaway. The cooperation is one more signal that the transition of mobility is not just seen as a long-term switch to e-mobility but additionally as a new way how to address people’s needs and wishes. Getaway enables all car owners to play an active role in shaping a new kind of mobility and to benefit directly from it.

 “We rethink the energy world of tomorrow: as a system that combines the energy industry with mobility, smart homes and smart cities. With Getaway, we invest in another start-up and innovative business model with whom we realise innogy´s vision of a decentralised and digital energy world by offering a concrete solution to our customers. The partnership with Getaway is something that benefits to everyone who is interested in new mobility solutions: start-ups, municipalities, our customers and us as service provider for the future of energy.”

Thomas Birr, SVP Innovation & Business Transformation, innogy SE and
CEO of the innogy Innovation Hub

Today, we look at another award! Getaway, the spontaneous mobile app car renting service, has won the prestigious German Mobility Award after being recognised for its work in the field of sustainability by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure’s initiative, “Germany – Land of Ideas”. After the winnings of the Green Tech Award by Fresh Energy in May and the German Innovation Award and the Auggie Award at AWE 2018 in Silicon Valley won from Holo-Light in June, this is the third public award to the Innovation Hub portfolio start-ups within a three months’ time.

 Beginning of August, Getaway and its promising business was selected as an outstanding project from more than 250 applicants.

“We need a new German dynamism for the future of mobility. This requires sustainable ideas, courage and determination. The submitted projects give valuable impulses to make German mobility solutions an export hit.”

Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure and patron of the German Mobility Award, is an ardent supporter of innovation among German mobility start-ups and wants to unlock the full potential latent within the sector.

More mobility with fewer cars: Founded by Edgar Scholler in 2015, Getaway has developed a mobile app solution that enables spontaneous car rental in the city or countryside without the need for keys or insurance documentation. Getaway’s business model is designed to achieve more efficient vehicle utilisation by significantly reducing inventory of unused cars. Edgar Scholler aims to achieve his vision with the launch of more successful pilot projects in collaboration with local authorities. Getaway is currently engaged in an initiative with the cities of Essen and Fürth that showcases the promising results that can be achieved when a local authority cooperates with an innovative start-up.

“We want to free cities from cars standing around by giving car owners a chance to help shape the mobility turnaround and give everyone access to sustainable, affordable mobility – even outside of metropolitan areas.”

Edgar Scholler, CEO and Founder of Getaway


About Getaway:

Getaway, founded in Berlin in 2015, has developed a technology that makes it possible for the first time to rent and lease a parked car immediately with your own smartphone – spontaneously and fully insured, in the in the city or in the countryside. Find more information about Getaway here.


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