Holo-Light: Merging real & digital world to transform the future of work

Holo-Light: Merging real & digital world to transform the future of work

The innogy Innovation Hub’s latest investment, Holo-Light, is a frontrunner in developing new solutions to merge the real with the digital world. Together with the Entrepreneurial School MCI we have invested in Holo-Light to lay the foundation for their future growth. Founded in 2015, Holo-Light has already successfully implemented numerous Mixed Reality-based projects for major customers from various industries — such as BMW, Festo, and BASF.

Cutting edge technologies like Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are hugely important to innogy and the energy markets globally. At the innogy Innovation Hub, we are looking to enable new use cases in the energy industry where critical information such as switching systems and machine data can be displayed in AR.

AR solutions, from custom-developed software to in-house hardware

In addition to its wide variety of software products, ranging from prototype representations to quality control, training and planning, and medical applications, Holo-Light recently collaborated with the MCI’s Technology & Life Sciences Departments to develop the Holo-Stylus, an input device for all head-mounted displays offering incomparable precision when interacting with 3D digital content. This revolutionary hardware device takes interacting with holograms to a new level and at the same time, with its familiar pen-like design, makes it easier for the technology to gain widespread acceptance and use. The Holo-Stylus is currently available as a development kit and should be ready for series production starting in 2019.

“Holo-Light’s goal is to pave the way for a new way of communicating, learning, and interacting and to provide a breeding ground for future-oriented technologies. We are optimally positioned for this task through our collaboration with the innogy Innovation Hub and MCI and look forward to further growth opportunities.”

Michael Oberlechner, CFO and Co-Founer, Holo-Light

“As an Entrepreneurial University, MCI positions itself at the interface of business and science. Holo-Light has brought the MCI on board as an innovation driver. We are pleased to accept this invitation and will do our part to promote application-oriented future technologies.”

Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann , Rector and Managing Director, MCI

“Mixed Reality enables new ways of communication to speed up processes and make knowledge transfer easier. In the power plant environment, for example, critical information such as switching systems and machine data can be displayed in augmented reality. In addition, the technology enables completely new ways to solve issues. Being able to virtually connect specialists, who can often be hundreds of kilometers away, can be a decisive time saving, for example in the maintenance of wind turbines. These are topics that are of great importance to the innogy Innovation Hub and the energy markets globally. The Holo-Light technology can make a significant contribution to this.”

Patrick Elftmann, Lead ‘Disruptive Digital’, innogy Innovation Hub

About Holo-Light

The technology start-up Holo-Light, founded in Tyrol in 2015, develops tailor-made and application-oriented Mixed Reality software products for leading industrial companies. Customers come from areas such as engineering, manufacturing, design, utility services and educational training. Holo-Light gained recognition as the first European user and developer of Microsoft products in the field of Mixed Reality. The company has enormous development potential and currently has 30 employees in the two locations Westendorf/Tyrol and Ismaning/Munich.




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