innogy Innovation Hub completes its first Nordic investment

Today we are pleased to announce the completion of an investment in SkenarioLabs, a Finnish start-up that provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) based data services to the real estate industry. The seed funding round marks our first investment in the Nordic region.

SkenarioLabs, which was founded in 2015 and is located at the Finnish “Silicon Valley” at Startup Sauna, provides AI powered web-based data analytics that delivers detailed and reliable diagnostics on property portfolios to enable effective management and maximise return on investment. The company’s platform can be used to plan maintenance and renovations as well as determine the technical risks and its effects on real estate value, rent and income projections. The data collected can also be used to develop insights on energy consumption and renewable energy estimations.

Its service is available in several European markets including Finland, UK and Sweden with plans to extend into new markets including Germany, Switzerland and Poland.

“We are very proud of the results we have achieved to date and we are eager to grow even more. We believe that this partnership with innogy Innovation Hub will help establish us as leaders in the real estate analytics market. With this funding, we will grow our resources and expand our presence in the Central European markets.”

Topi Tiihonen, CEO, SkenarioLabs

SkenarioLabs has developed an impressive client-base in a relatively short space of time with practical solutions for the real estate sector, including using buildings’ technical data to help in predictive maintenance and reducing the cost of property valuations through automation. In addition, by digitising buildings’ technical data, they contribute to the digital twin, and we see huge potential in SkenarioLabs’ technology in enabling the smart building of the future. We are excited to welcome SkenarioLabs to our portfolio and are looking forward to partnering with Topi and the management team to as they look to achieve their growth ambitions.”

Alina Prawdzik, Head of ‘Smart & Connected’ and CEE, innogyInnovation Hub

To find out more about SkenarioLabs visit You can read the full investment press release here.

SkenarioLabs is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup offering sophisticated real-estate analytics. With detailed, reliable data-driven technical surveys and value assessments, SkenarioLabs communicates to entreprises how to get the best return on investment (ROI) on real-estate.

The company already has its service deployed in several European markets including Finland, UK and Sweden and is moving towards new markets such as Germany, Switzerland, Poland. In addition, the company has been selling to several property asset managers, financial institutions and energy companies.


Founded in 2015 and located in Espoo, Finland.


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