Meet our award-winning portfolio companies

Building the future of energy requires the brightest minds and most promising innovations if we want to be successful. It’s not always easy to identify what makes a start-up the “best” in its field, or to quantify the impact they’re having on our society and industries. Receiving recognition from their industries and their peers not only provides validation that they’re on the right track, but can provide added impetus to continue striving to build a better future.

In the past few months many of our portfolio companies have received awards from leading organizations in many different fields and geographies. Read on to learn more about some of these successful companies and their groundbreaking work.


Basking ZIA Office Awards 2019 | Top Software Provider of the Year

Basking Automation is an occupancy analytics platform that helps corporate real estate managers and landlords get a granular understanding of how their spaces are being used. Basking’s work has resulted in tangible benefits for their clients, saving up to 40% of the costs they used to paywhile managing their office spaces. The German Property Association named Basking as the top software provider of the year, as they have given real estate executives the data they need to optimize their leases, improve how office spaces are designed, and, ultimately, increase workforce productivity and satisfaction.


Visualix Deep Tech Award 2019 | Deep Tech Star 2019

Visualix is a computer vision company that enables centimeter-precise mapping and localization at scale with commonly used smartphones. With this technology, Visualix allows businesses to easily scan a space and attach augmented reality (AR) content on an industrial scale and under industrial conditions. With the use of multiple patent-pending technologies in the field of computer vision, robust localization, large-scale navigation, mapping, and 3D reconstruction, it’s no wonder why they were selected for this award by a panel of experts from industry and science. Visualix’s innovative technology allows users to envision and create a new world through AR and share that vision at scale with others.


Fresh Energy Ranked by Forbes as #6 out of 30 hottest startups in DACH

Fresh Energy included in Forbes’ top 30 start-ups in DACH focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Fresh Energy measures consumption data with its intelligent electricity meterand uses machine learning to analyze the data to provide insights on consumers’ energy usage. This analysis revolutionizes the ways consumers consider their electricity bill, offering a breakdown of what their main energy-drainers are, empowering households to make the changes needed in order to consume energy more efficiently.


Libryo British Legal Technology Awards 2018 | Runner Up for New IT Product of the Year

Libryo’s platform filters through all legislation by domain and jurisdiction to deliver the regulations that matter to your business. Regular changes in law bring new compliance demands, so Libryo protects businesses by enabling them to understand what actions they need to take in response to legal changes. The British Legal Technology Awards is a prestigious program that celebrates the very best in legal technology, IT security, leadership and innovation, so theirrecognition of Libryo underscores their impact in the market.


WeAreHannover Messe | Young Tech Enterprises Start-up Pitch Winner

With 250,000 attendees, Hannover Messe is one of the world’s largest trade fairs for industrial tehcnology, so we’re excited to share that our portfolio company WeAre was awarded the Young Tech Enterprises Start-Up Pitch winner at the event. WeAre offers boundless collaboration in virtual reality (VR), providing a platform for VR conferences, prototyping and sales. When creating new products, it’s necessary that engineers, designers and important stakeholders are all able to collaborate, but they often face the challenge of being spread out among different locations. WeAre eliminates that pain-point, enabling greater innovation across industries.


Holo-lightBauma 2019 | Innovation Award – Research/Science Category

Holo-light truly embodies our mission of collaboration and convergence, as it partnered with Technical University of Munich (TU München), MTS, VEMCON and Fritzmeier to develop an augmented reality vehicle control concept, Driver Guidance 4.0. The system makes use of mixed reality data glasses to superimpose 3D models over landscapes and objects to ultimately help avoid mistakes and reduce machine downtime. Holo-light’s leadership in the usage of Augmented and Mixed Reality in industry environments is reinventing computing, and we’re excited to see their collaboration with TU München recognized by Bauma.



We couldn’t be prouder of our award-winning portfolio companies. Thank you all for inspiring us and we look forward to supporting you as you continue to grow and achieve great things for the future of energy!

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