MotionWerk makes Share&Charge open source

Last year, the number of newly registered electric vehicles (EVs) broke the 1 million mark for the first time. By 2030, it is predicted that 200 million EVs will be on the roads worldwide, with an additional capacity need of 11.9 Billion KW during peak times. But right now, charging of EVs is still a headache for drivers. A lack of uniform standards and interoperability has resulted in a highly fragmented market, leading to complex settlement processes, overloaded power grids and an underutilised infrastructure.

Step forward MotionWerk, which has developed Share&Charge, a blockchain-based service for the simple and safe charging of EVs. MotionWerk has announced that in September, it will make its software open source by transferring it to a newly-established Share&Charge Foundation, based in Switzerland. The aim is to decentralise the service as an independent network, opening it up to a wider range of partners and increasing its global reach.

“In pilot projects, such as Oslo2Rome – a European charging network – we learned that blockchain technology can be a game changer in the business of charging electric cars. Our global partners share the vision to develop a global blockchain-based standard with us. Therefore, the establishment of an independent foundation and open-source strategy is the next logical step for us.”

Dietrich Sümmermann, Founder and Managing Director of MotionWerk

Blockchain technology enables the direct transfer of value units between two parties without a central authority. This takes advantage of the Share&Charge protocol and provides a simple, user-friendly solution to achieve interoperability when charging and paying for electric vehicles. The financing of this open-source project takes place via a so-called token sale, which will start in the coming weeks.

“We are making good progress with its development and with partners in pilot projects worldwide, we are testing how we can use blockchain technology to make processes more efficient and safer and thus contribute to the growth of electro mobility. We are planning a public test version this year and the first product for foundation members in the middle of next year.”

Dietrich Sümmermann, Founder and Managing Director of MotionWerk


About MotionWerk GmbH

MotionWerk GmbH develops blockchain-based software solutions for the mobility industry. The company became known for its Share&Charge product, a peer2peer charging network that was considered one of the first live products using the public Ethereum blockchain. Other projects included Oslo2Rome, a European store network, and a P2P pilot in California. Share&Charge prepares a token sale on a decentralised protocol for charging electric vehicles, transactions and sharing data – so that companies can offer a seamless, intelligent and secure charging experience. Working with key players in the broader mobility ecosystem, MotionWerk is researching and developing decentralised technologies for the future of mobility. MotionWerk GmbH is a spin-off and participation of Innogy Innovation Hub.

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