Placense crowned innogy Innovation Hub’s #InnoHubGameChanger 2018

At innogy Innovation Hub, we believe that collaboration, convergence, and co-creation will be the key to building a connected, digital future. This core belief impels us to constantly look for game-changing companies, individuals and ideas to add to our portfolio – companies that are innovating and creating a better world for everyone. We collaborate with many incredible start-ups and had the pleasure of hearing from many of them at our UnConference, where they delivered their pitches to the assembled corporates, investors and fellow entrepreneurs.

To share their stories more widely, we initiated our first digital pitch competition,#InnoHubGameChanger2018. For the competition, we posted two-minute video excerpts from each of the participating start-ups’ pitches on Twitter and invited our community to like and retweet their favourite pitch. The company that attracted the most retweets and likes, would be crowned the #InnoHubGameChanger 2018. And that company is…

Placense – huge congratulations to Dan Gildoni and the team!


Placense, the future of privacy in location intelligence

Placense provides real-time information about physical foot traffic using mobile location device data and behavioural insights. The user inputs an address and instantly gets information such as the number of people coming in and out, where they came from, gender, age, income level, means of transportation, and more. This data is anonymised and aggregated using proprietary mathematical algorithms, so from a user-perspective, the process is not intrusive and does not compromise the sensitive information of each user.

Placense revolutionises location intelligence by providing businesses with intelligence that was previously only available for their online traffic. These insights give various verticals information about the competitive landscape, their performance, and user group profiles so that those businesses can provide a personalised, customer-centric experience.

Their target market is businesses relying on footfall, including: retailers and real estate, energy and media companies. Placense was chosen among top 25 European PropTech companies providing with the real estate industry with unprecedented information. It is also part of the ScaleUpHub UK accelerator programme we are running in partnership with Telefónica Open Future’s Wayra UK and the Catapult Network.

We’re excited to see how Placense continues to innovate in the future and are thrilled to be a part of their journey!


Interested in learning more about Placense? Visit their website to see how they’re transforming privacy in location intelligence.


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