Protecting the Future of Energy with FirstPoint Mobile Guard

At innogy Innovation Hub, we believe that the future of energy will look completely different than it does today. As new technologies advance and global trends like decentralisation, democratisation and digitisation take hold, so too will the architecture of the energy system. Billions of interconnected devices and all sorts of microgrids of decenteralised energy producers creates new security risks to the energy system that cannot be protected using traditional measures.

As investors and mentors, we see it critical that we not only build the energy system of the future but protect it too.

That’s why we are excited to introduce our latest addition to the Innovation Hub portfolio, FirstPoint Mobile Guard (FirstPoint), a cellular cybersecurity-as-a-service company. FirstPoint provides network-level protection to cellular devices against all targeted and random hidden cyber-attacks that currently plague security teams around the globe – everything from ISMI catchers (fake cell towers), to malicious SMSs, location trackers, malware and other tactics hackers use to capture private data.

According to the GSMA, there are more than nine billion cellular connections, including 
licensed cellular IoT, meaning there is an ongoing need to protect devices, ensuring that sensitive communications are not compromised. Our definitive solution protects enterprise and security sensitive customers with a comprehensive management platform that safeguards devices by anonymising identities and misleading attackers. We developed FirstPoint with an eye toward providing the most comprehensive cybersecurity as a service available, while making it easy for both enterprises and employees to deploy, manage and use, without any user involvement. We update regularly against the latest network-level threats, ensuring protection 24/7.” FirstPoint CEO and co-founder Prof. Dror Fixler, PhD

Today, FirstPoint’s technology fills a critical gap in the cybersecurity space; by providing protection to organisations and users at the cellular-level, FirstPoint helps enterprises secure employee devices, business travelers worried about surveillance and eavesdropping, as well asgovernments and militaries preserve confidential missions and much more.

This is especially important when you consider the future of energy – an infrastructure enabled by decentralised and shared tools such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, like connected cars, smart utilities and payment terminals.

“In an increasingly decentralised and mobile enabled energy world, FirstPoint’s SaaS technology secures the reliable operation of a highly interlinked infrastructure with simple deployment. We are excited by the potential for their technology and look forward to supporting Dror and the team as they extend their cybersecurity-as-a-service to any future IoT application.” – Dr. Christof Kortz, Director Strategic Cyber Security Venturing.

Unique to their technology is its ability to provide a secure and customisable program with minimal disturbance – if any at all – to the user. Their military-grade cybersecurity-as-a-service mode detects, alerts, protects and deceives threats without any user intervention to install or update software. Organisations can also customise their protection by defining and modifying policies per device – a feature unheard of in other solutions.

Our funding and partnership will help FirstPoint bring their products to market quickly, as well as will help them expand into select international markets and additional use cases. Their mobile phone security solutions will become available in Q3 2019 in select locations and will be offered in partnership with mobile network operators worldwide over the next quarters.

The FirstPoint team has cracked some difficult market challenges in the mobile cybersecurity space and developed novel technology that gives them a distinct competitive advantage and the opportunity for exponential growth. I’m excited to be taking an active role in their future development by joining the Board of Directors. In particular, I look forward to leveraging the strength and reach of innogy to help the company’s international growth and expansion as they continue to protect mobile devices of all types; from executive smartphones to the critical infrastructure of our future.” – Boaz Kantor, CTO at the innogy Innovation Hub in Israel and member of the Board of Directors of FirstPoint


About FirstPoint

Israel-based FirstPoint protects any cellular device against hidden vulnerabilities in the network. Our agent-less, cellular network-based approach to cybersecurity identifies known and unknown attacks 24/7, instantly activating protective measures. FirstPoint solutions are completely transparent to the user/device, with no device installations, updates or slowdowns, protecting any device; e.g., mobile phones, M2M, security sensitive IoT and connected systems). Our team experts comprise cybersecurity and telecom veterans with decades of experience in interception, communications intelligence and cyber technologies.


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