The convergence is around the corner

The future of energy will look completely different from today, and energy as an industry will be fundamentally redefined – that’s our clear vision at the Innovation Hub. Among others, the convergence of people, technologies and industries will become an important driver – in the energy world as well as in other industries. And that’s why we are working on new solutions to disrupt the status quo and co-create the energy system of tomorrow and beyond with partners from our global ecosystem.

The “melting-pot“ of our co-creation and collaboration is our UnConference – an annual one-day gathering for business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts. The next UnConference will take place soon as an invite-only event on 4 th October in Berlin. Let us give you a short outlook and stay tuned for live coverage on our social media channels Facebook and LinkedIn.

The 4th UnConference is about

exploring and discussing the converging systems of energy, intelligent buildings and human-machine-interaction
leveraging our investment portfolio of over 80 participations that are tapping into leading digital technologies, for mutual benefit and business growth
generating game-changing acceleration platforms to transform the status quo of energy by driving game-changing ideas across a number of critical focus areas

We are convinced that these four areas are key on this way into the energy future:

Digital Disruption and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in transforming utilities and shaping the future energy system – whether it’s retail, generation or the grid. The disruptive potential is obvious: Will the digital revolution and Artificial Intelligence make utilities redundant or position them as a critical enabler? Either way the potential impact is huge: So how will utilities be transformed? And which new competitors will enter the market?

To learn more, we visited the epicentre of disrupting established industries and accelerating change: the Silicon Valley. We spoke to Sebastian Niestrath from our Innovation Hub team in Palo Alto, watch the full video here.

Smart & Connected

At what point will our living and working environment start to govern our lives? At the Innovation Hub, we see buildings becoming smart “organisms” through increasingly interconnectivity, improved analytics and entirely new ways of integrating digital services. As industry boundaries begin to blur and may disappear entirely in a matter of years, building solutions are a critical focus area for us, with their close links to our core competency energy.

To understand more about progress in this area and its impact on the future of energy, listen to Carlos Nasillo from our UK team in London in this video.

Human-Machine Interaction

Are Machines craving energy? In a decentralised and digitized world we will see billions of smart devices and their transition towards becoming autonomous agents, who will make independent purchasing decisions. In a world in which knowing and understanding your customer is critical, to remain successful in the future we will need to tackle a new major challenge of knowing and learning how to communicate with this new kind of customer.

We talked to Moritz Jungmann from our team in Berlin, to understand more about this kind of evolution. Berlin is Europe’s innovation capital with a special focus on machine economy and the development of blockchain technologies. Get to know Moritz and his thoughts about increasingly autonomous machines and the implications on the energy future. Watch the full video here.

Cyber Security

The digital future has to be designed hand in hand with advanced cyber security tech – the energy system as well as smart cities and new mobility solutions. The more technologies, devices and connectivity come into play, the more challenging “CyberSec” will be. Thus, actively driving cyber security solutions is key for us at the Innovation Hub.

Experience more and join us for a virtual tour through Israel. The “startup nation” is a forerunner in cyber tech development. The Innovation Hub built an ecosystem on site and we asked Boaz Kantor from our Tel Aviv team about Cyber Security trends and challenges. Watch the full video here.

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The 4th innogy Innovation Hub UnConference will be the place to deep-dive into the future energy system and beyond. We are curiously looking forward to discuss how the convergence of technologies, industries and people might look. On 4th October we will bring together our network that we have built in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Berlin, London and Warsaw.

Together with more than 350 business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts we want to jointly explore business opportunities that have the potential to shape the energy system of the future. We will also be joined by innogy Ventures and the participants of the Free Electrons program – the first global energy accelerator – and you can become a virtual guest, too. Stay tuned for real-time updates as well as interviews and video snaps from Berlin on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We are convinced: Working in the energy business has never been more inspiring than it is today!

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