Our Focus

Our Focus

The energy system of the future will be built on the convergence of people and technologies. We focus our efforts in the following areas where this convergence is taking place.

At innogy Innovation Hub, we believe that the future of energy will be decarbonised, decentralised, digitised and democratised. The entire energy market will be redefined by new technologies, business models and changing consumption patterns.

As new technologies emerge, traditional sector boundaries are blurring, while new business models are creating new value chains. Unlocking the full potential of this requires a radical new approach. We support innovative ideas and companies by providing funding, mentoring, and a platform for co-creation, collaboration, and convergence.

  • Machine Economy

    Future transactions will take place autonomously, based on machine-to-machine interaction.

    The energy system of the future will be decentralised, diverse and complex, involving consumers, prosumers, third party apps and billions of interconnected devices.

    Balancing, controlling, trading and invoicing energy transactions will take place autonomously in real-time, based on machine-to-machine interactions. We focus on emerging decentralised technologies (Blockchain, Web 3) to shape this infrastructure for a fully automated real-time energy system that works for the benefit of all by igniting new business models and cross industry collaboration.

    Watch these videos to learn more about our Machine Economy focus area.

  • Smart and Connected

    Buildings will be independent traders, suppliers and consumers, driven by interconnected devices in a future decentralised energy system.

    Buildings will become smart organisms in a future decentralised energy system, driven by interconnected devices, improved analytics and the integration of digital services.

    We focus on companies creating new technologies and models that connect people and infrastructure to change the way we live and work.

    Watch these videos to learn more about our Smart & Connected focus area.

  • Disruptive Digital

    Digital technologies have the potential to disrupt our existing value chains.

    Digital technologies have the potential to disrupt existing value chains in the energy market as the system moves from kilowatts to kilobytes.

    We look for and foster digital business models with this potential.

    Watch this video to learn more about our Disruptive Digital focus area.

  • Cyber Ventures

    As digital, decentralised technology becomes the foundation for everything, security will be a critical, inherent part of the system.

    The increased complexity and connectivity in a decentralised and digitised energy system will create new threats and risks. As a result the scope of cyber security will need to be extended beyond their traditional perimeters.

    We focus on companies that tackle the energy industry’s new and emerging cyber security needs with next generation technologies and business models.

    Watch these videos to learn more about our Cyber Ventures focus area.

Take a look at our portfolio

Our portfolio

Bringing the best experiences together

Headquartered in Berlin, with teams across Europe, including in London, Warsaw and Essen, plus offices in Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley and a partner network touching every corner of the globe, we provide our start-ups and investors international support, expertise and connections to help companies scale faster.

London / United Kingdom

London is Europe’s top start-up ecosystem, providing a vibrant, active and supportive investor community combined with proven success at developing leading edge technologies. A world-class destination for entrepreneurs, far-sighted corporates and global capital, London is an ideal place to scout for start-ups and successful ‘scale-ups’.

Essen / Germany

Essen is home to innogy SE and where the Innovation Hub’s journey began.

Berlin / Germany

Berlin is the world’s capital for energy transition, with its large community of sustainable energy enthusiasts, scientists, proactive government and growing number of energy start-ups. It is also the European hub for innovative and emerging technologies including the Internet of Things, AI, machine learning and blockchain and we play an active role in their development.

Tel Aviv / Israel

As part of the ‘start-up nation’ and with more start-ups per capita than any other country, Tel Aviv is one of the most highly developed start-up ecosystems in the world. Taking a lead in the areas of cybersecurity, AI, and Big Data, as well as home to a rapidly growing PropTech sector, we see huge opportunities in this thriving ecosystem for innovation and deep technology.

Palo Alto / Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the world’s leading technology start-up ecosystem leading the way in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics. It has produced more unicorns than anywhere else and provides unparalleled access to talent, capital, investors and mentors. With its thriving start-up culture, it was the obvious choice for our first location outside of Germany and we’ve established a significant presence building strong relationships, including our partnership with the Singularity University.

Warsaw / Central East Europe

Warsaw is one of the fastest-growing tech start-up ecosystems in the world. With a highly educated population in science, mathematics and computer science and lower costs of living than other start-up capitals, it is an attractive proposition for founders and entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas. Our local presence and expertise helps us find the brightest and best in this exciting market.