Protect Software Against Exploitation

In our digital-first climate, technologies are growing fast in terms of volume, sophistication and complexity – and meanwhile, so is cybercrime. The need to bolster digital defences is especially critical in a decentralised and digitized energy world where IT and OT converge. Indeed, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security estimates that 90 percent of security incidents reported are caused by exploiting defects in the code or design of software. In 2019 alone over 17,000 software vulnerabilities were discovered, amounting to a nearly 300% increase from a decade ago. Therefore, the scope of cybersecurity must be extended beyond its traditional perimeters to support our shift to connected and decentralized networks.

Vicarius offers a new solution to detect vulnerabilities in software before it is hacked. The system uncovers known and yet-to-be-discovered threats, prioritizes them based on the business context, and automatically protects the software with or without installing security patches. Amid growing cybersecurity risks, companies don’t have control over vulnerabilities in the software they buy. Vicarius’ approach to application protection is an innovative way to secure software without having its source code, installing a patch or involving the vendor.

We see an urgency to bolster digital defences in a decentralised and digitized energy system which is becoming increasingly complex with growing numbers of consumers, prosumers and third-party apps, not to mention billions of interconnected devices. The Vicarius technology has the potential to safeguard the integrity in many industries, and it’s of increasing strategic importance for the energy sector. As systems become increasingly software-enabled, complex and IoT connected with growth of decentralised energy paradigms, the Vicarius security defence systems has the potential to scale across diverse and expanding infrastructures and networks.
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    CEO - Michael Assraf
    CTO - Yossi Ze'evi
    VP Sales - Roi Cohen

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